darwin initative

Biomes and ecosystem themes

Marine and coastal biodiversity

110005Conservation of the African penguin (Spheniscus Demersus) (£152,900.00)
Earthwatch Europe
2001-04-01 - 2004-03-31South Africa
210007Establishment of penguin monitoring programme in Chile (£31,050.00)
Environmental Research Unit
2001-04-01 - 2004-03-31Chile
310020Phyllosoma larvae of the Cape Verde Islands (£8,800.00)
Sir Alister Hardy Foundation for Ocean Science
2001-10-01 - 2002-06-30Cape Verde
410021Madagascar Marine Biodiversity Training Project (£40,500.00)
SEE - Society for Environmental Exploration/Frontier
2001-10-01 - 2003-04-30Madagascar
510026Marine Turtle conservation and ecotourism on Trinidad's North Coast (£93,000.00)
University of Glasgow - DEEB
2002-03-01 - 2004-04-30Trinidad and Tobago
612018Climate change and conservation of Galapagos endemic bird species (£120,000.00)
University of Oxford, WildCRU
2003-08-01 - 2006-11-30Ecuador
712023Darwin Biodiversity Action Plan for Anegada, British Virgin Islands (£164,205.00)
University of Exeter
2003-06-01 - 2006-04-30British Virgin Islands
812033Blue Forests: Sustainable Farming of Coral Reefs, Fiji, Solomon Islands (£165,416.00)
Just World Partners
2003-07-01 - 2006-03-31Fiji, Solomon Islands
913010Living Reefs: Community based coral reef management in the Pacific (£164,903.00)
Just World Partners
2004-04-01 - 2007-03-31Kiribati, Tuvalu
1013027Developing reserves for biodiversity conservation & sustainable fisheries in Rodrigues (£152,905.00)
University of Newcastle Upon Tyne
2005-02-01 - 2008-01-31Mauritius
1114005Conservation of Pakistan's Marine Cetacean Biodiversity and Pelagic Environment (£167,308.00)
University of London, University Marine Biological Station - UMBS
2005-10-01 - 2008-09-30Pakistan
1214007Community Action for Sustainable use and Conservation of Coral Reefs, Malaysia (£140,000.00)
MCS - Marine Conservation Society
2005-04-01 - 2008-03-31Malaysia
1314015Conservation of Jiaozhou Bay: Biodiversity Assessment and Biomonitoring Using Ciliates (£137,897.00)
NHM - Natural History Museum, Entomology
2005-11-01 - 2009-09-30China
1414020Network of Locally Managed Marine Protected Areas in Solomon Islands (£147,994.00)
2005-07-01 - 2008-09-30Fiji, Solomon Islands
1514038Ha Long Bay Environmental Awareness Programme (£234,600.00)
FFI - Fauna and Flora International
2005-08-01 - 2008-07-31Vietnam
1614048Galapagos Coral Conservation: Impact Mitigation, Mapping and Monitoring (£150,000.00)
University of Edinburgh - CECS
2005-05-01 - 2008-06-30Ecuador
1714051In Ivan's Wake: Darwin Initiative BAP for the Cayman Islands (£178,822.00)
University of Exeter- CEC
2005-10-01 - 2008-10-31Cayman Islands
1814052Caspian Biodiversity Education (£154,375.00)
FSC - Field Studies Council
2005-06-01 - 2009-09-30Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkmenistan
1914057Conserving Coral Reefs Through Community Ownership and Enterprise in Indonesia (£149,954.00)
2005-05-01 - 2008-04-30Indonesia
2014060Sustainable Management of Ornamental Fish Species in Mamiraua (£218,000.00)
ZSL - Zoological Society of London
2005-06-01 - 2009-03-31Brazil
2115014Managing Wetlands for Sustainable Livelihoods at Koshi Tappu (£198,835.00)
WWT - Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust
2006-10-01 - 2009-11-30Nepal
2215023Conservation of Endangered Coastal Biodiversity Hotspots of Central Chile (£224,036.00)
University of Oxford - Plants
2006-05-01 - 2009-09-30Chile
2315024Quantification and Elimination of Threats to the Caspian Seal (£260,713.00)
University of Leeds - IICB
2006-07-01 - 2009-06-30Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkmenistan
2415031Novel and Practical Conservation Strategies Following Mining in Sierra Leone (£164,408.00)
CEH - Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Edinburgh
2006-11-01 - 2009-10-31Sierra Leone
2516002Building capacity for sustainable fisheries management in the Wallacea region (£150,000.00)
Operation Wallacea Trust
2007-05-01 - 2011-03-31Indonesia
2616013Strengthening partnerships for Ramsar implementation in South-East Asia (£204,805.00)
Birdlife International
2007-07-01 - 2010-03-31Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam
2717004Building civil society capacity for conservation in the Caribbean UKOTs (£262,755.00)
Commonwealth Foundation
2009-04-01 - 2012-03-31Anguilla, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Montserrat, Turks and Caicos Islands
2817005Darwin Marine Biodiversity Action Plan for Gabon (£299,741.00)
University of Exeter- CEC
2009-10-01 - 2012-03-31Gabon
2917016Conservation and Sustainable Management of Kenya’s Marine and Coastal Resources (£215,142.00)
FFI - Fauna and Flora International, FFI - Fauna and Flora International
2009-04-01 - 2012-03-31Kenya
3017017Innovative Governance Models for Marine Protected Area Management in Ecuador (£207,541.00)
FFI - Fauna and Flora International, FFI - Fauna and Flora International
2009-04-01 - 2012-03-31Ecuador
3117026Restoration of priority Pacific Island ecosystems for people and biodiversity (£288,702.00)
Birdlife International, Birdlife International
2009-04-01 - 2012-03-31Fiji, Palau
3218001Darwin Sustainable Artisanal Fisheries Initiative (Peru) (£299,966.00)
University of Exeter- CEC
2010-10-01 - 2014-03-31Peru
3318016Darwin Initiative to enhance an established protected area system, Cayman Islands (£273,914.00)
Bangor University - Ocean Sci
2010-04-01 - 2013-03-31Cayman Islands
3419005Underpinning the design and management of Cambodia's first Marine Protected Area (MPA) (£293,526.00)
FFI - Fauna and Flora International
2012-04-01 - 2015-03-31Cambodia
3519009Galapagos marine invasive species: prevention, detection and management (£251,559.00)
University of Southampton - Oceanography
2012-04-01 - 2015-03-31Ecuador
3619012Saving the critically endangered spoon-billed sandpiper from global extinction (£295,437.00)
2012-04-01 - 2015-04-30Burma, Russia
3719016Leveraging markets to conserve mangrove biodiversity and alleviate poverty in Madagascar (£226,839.00)
Blue Ventures
2012-07-01 - 2015-06-30Madagascar
3819017Building capacity for participatory ecosystem-based marine conservation in Central America (£294,610.00)
FFI - Fauna and Flora International
2012-04-01 - 2015-03-31Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua
3919020Responding to fish extirpations in the global marine biodiversity epicentre (£294,151.00)
University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, University of Newcastle Upon Tyne
2012-04-01 - 2016-09-30Philippines
4019027Strengthening the world's largest Marine Protected Area: Chagos Archipelago (£287,788.00)
Bangor University - Ocean Sci
2012-04-01 - 2015-03-31British Indian Ocean Territory
4119031Mapping St Helena's marine biodiversity to create a Marine Management Plan (£164,150.00)
JNCC - Joint Nature Conservation Committee
2012-04-01 - 2014-11-21St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha
4220002Strengthening Indian Ocean migratory elasmobranch conservation policy and fisher livelihoods (£296,233.00)
2013-04-01 - 2016-03-31Sri Lanka
4320004Enhancing economic development through improved natural resource management on Montserrat (£90,200.00)
CCC - Coral Cay Conservation
2013-04-01 - 2015-03-31Montserrat
4420006Developing a sustainable marine and fisheries management plan for the Pitcairn islands (£249,946.00)
University of Dundee - Env
2013-09-01 - 2017-03-31Pitcairn, Henderson, Ducie & Oeno Islands
4520009Delivering an MPA network for fisheries and biodiversity of Central Africa (Republic of Congo and Gabon) (£294,226.00)
University of Exeter- CEC
2013-04-01 - 2015-10-31Congo, Dem. Rep., Gabon
4620015Economic incentives to conserve Hilsa fish (Tenualosa Ilisha) in Bangladesh (£208,315.00)
2013-04-01 - 2016-05-31Bangladesh
4720017Strengthening the capability of Kenyan communities to conserve coral reefs (£181,533.00)
WCS - Wildlife Conservation Society
2013-04-01 - 2016-04-30Kenya
4820023An integrated approach to enhancing socio-ecological resilience in coastal Mozambique (£327,643.00)
ZSL - Zoological Society of London
2013-04-01 - 2017-03-31Mozambique
4921010Linking community resilience and sustainable coastal protection in the Philippines (£318,964.00)
ZSL - Zoological Society of London
2014-04-01 - 2017-03-31Philippines
5021011Securing livelihoods and conserving marine biodiversity through rights-based fisheries management (£251,855.00)
Blue Ventures
2014-04-01 - 2017-03-31Madagascar
5121013Alternative livelihood opportunities for marine protected areas fisherwomen (£247,264.00)
University of Stirling - IofA
2014-04-01 - 2018-03-31Sierra Leone
5221018Conservation and sustainable use of marine turtles, Southwest Madagascar (£171,500.00)
2014-04-01 - 2017-03-31Madagascar
5321019Strengthening marine protected areas and marine ecotourism benefits in Sudan (£300,000.00)
Equipe Cousteau
2014-04-01 - 2017-09-30Sudan
5421021Enhancement of well-being and conservation in Cape Verde's biodiversity hotspots (£237,079.00)
FFI - Fauna and Flora International
2014-04-01 - 2017-03-31Cape Verde
5522008Diversifying Indonesian fisheries to protect elasmobranchs and alleviate poverty (£272,599.00)
WCS - Wildlife Conservation Society
2015-04-01 - 2018-03-31Indonesia
5622014Maximizing Benefits of Marine Reserves and Fisheries Management in Belize (£273,150.00)
WCS - Wildlife Conservation Society
2015-04-01 - 2018-03-31Belize
5722016Securing livelihoods, health and biodiversity through seascape-scale sustainable fisheries co-management (£300,000.00)
WCS - Wildlife Conservation Society
2015-04-01 - 2018-03-31Madagascar
589002Effective management for biodiversity conservation in coastal Wetlands, Sri Lanka (£145,741.00)
University of Portsmouth, CEMARE
2000-05-01 - 2002-04-30Sri Lanka
599004Plankton biodiversity: training, sampling, taxonomy and data evaluation in Seychelles & Mauritius (£173,007.00)
Royal Geographical Society - Shoals
2000-04-01 - 2003-03-31Mauritius, Seychelles
609006Towards Sustainable Development of southeastern Madagascar's biologically unique littoral forests (£79,169.00)
University of Oxford - ECI
2000-05-01 - 2002-04-30Madagascar
61DPLUS001Bermuda invasive Lionfish control initiative (£169,898.00)
BZS - Bermuda Zoological Society
2013-04-01 - 2015-03-31Bermuda
62DPLUS002An autonomous seabird monitoring network for the southern ocean (£215,848.00)
University of Oxford, WildCRU
2013-04-01 - 2015-03-31British Antarctic Territory, South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands
63DPLUS003Biodiversity action planning in the Falkland Islands (£105,200.00)
Falklands Conservation - FI
2013-07-01 - 2015-06-30Falkland Islands
64DPLUS005Sustainable management of the marine environment and resources of Tristan da Cunha (£285,673.00)
2013-07-01 - 2016-07-31St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha
65DPLUS007Using seabirds to inform Caribbean marine planning (£226,367.00)
University of Liverpool
2013-04-01 - 2015-03-31Anguilla, British Virgin Islands
66DPLUS009Antarctic and sub-antarctic marine protected areas: using penguin tracking data to identify candidate areas (£142,176.00)
BAS - British Antarctic Survey
2013-07-01 - 2015-03-31British Antarctic Territory, South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands
67DPLUS010Coral nursery project in Little Cayman: enhancing resilience and natural capacity of coral reefs in the UKOTs (£41,631.00)
Central Caribbean Marine Institute
2013-04-01 - 2015-03-31Cayman Islands
68DPLUS011Ile Vache marine restoration project (£32,256.00)
CGT - Chagos Conservation Trust
2013-05-01 - 2015-09-30British Indian Ocean Territory
69DPLUS013Promoting the creation and appropriate management of protected areas in Anguilla and the Cayman Islands (£193,568.00)
ANT - Anguilla National Trust
2013-10-01 - 2015-09-30Anguilla, Cayman Islands
70DPLUS015Strategic management of invasive alien plants on South Georgia (£92,200.00)
Gov of South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands
2014-09-01 - 2016-09-01South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands
71DPLUS019Socioeconomic aspects of turtle conservation in the Cayman Islands (£149,904.00)
Gov of Cayman Islands
2014-04-01 - 2016-03-31Cayman Islands
72DPLUS021Ascension Island Marine Sustainability (AIMS) – a fisheries and marine biodiversity project (£261,087.00)
Gov of Ascension - AIGCD
2014-04-01 - 2016-06-30Falkland Islands, St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha
73DPLUS026British Virgin Islands MPA and hydrographic survey capacity building (£253,443.00)
Cefas - Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Research
2014-04-01 - 2016-03-31British Virgin Islands
74DPLUS027Marine spatial planning in the Falkland Islands (£151,572.00)
South Atlantic Enviromental Research Institute
2014-07-01 - 2016-06-30Falkland Islands
75DPLUS032Luc Clerveaux Fellowship (£28,935.00)
MCS - Marine Conservation Society
2015-04-01 - 2017-03-31Turks and Caicos Islands
76DPLUS036Sustainable managemnet of threatened keystore predators to enhance reef resilience (£173,439.00)
Marine Conservation International
2015-04-01 - 2017-03-31Cayman Islands
77DPLUS039Sustainable development and management of St Helena fisheries and marine tourism (£270,737.00)
Gov of St Helena
2015-04-01 - 2017-06-30St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha
78EIDPO021Implementing an otter action plan for marine environments of Tierra del Fuego, Patagonia. (£92,240.00)
University of Oxford, WildCRU
2007-06-01 - 2009-05-31Argentina
79EIDPO023Enabling the people of Tristan to implement the CBD in the marine environment (£75,971.00)
2007-05-01 - 2010-06-30South Africa, St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha
80EIDPO025Capacity building to enhance marine protected area effectiveness, Malaysia (£120,000.00)
MCS - Marine Conservation Society
2009-04-01 - 2011-03-31Malaysia
81EIDPO031Restoration of the Mangrove Finch in Isabela, Galapagos (£171,484.00)
DWCT - Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust
2009-07-01 - 2011-12-31Ecuador
82EIDPO045Assuring Engagement in Cayman’s Enhanced Marine Protected Area System (£190,000.00)
Bangor University - Ocean Sci
2013-04-01 - 2014-09-30Cayman Islands