Information Notes


The Biodiversity Challenge Funds have produced a range of reviews and information notes from evaluations of projects and themes that could be useful for future or ongoing projects.

Information notes are the new name for short publications, which provide information to the Darwin Initiative community and beyond.

Information Notes

Fund level evaluations

In September 2020, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), commissioned Ecorys to undertake an evaluation of the three Biodiversity Challenge Funds - Darwin Initiative, Darwin Plus and Illegal Wildlife Trade Challenge Fund, henceforth collectively referred to as ‘the scheme’.

The scope of this evaluation included all projects since the beginning of the scheme across all countries of operation. The evaluation had the following key objectives: assess the impact of the scheme; identify gaps in logic and draw out key lessons to understand how the scheme could be improved; facilitate clearer communication of the scheme’s key achievements; and make suggestions for establishing effective monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems. The results of this evaluation enabled Defra to improve the quality of the scheme going into the future, as well as showcasing Defra’s contributions to global biodiversity and environmental protection ahead of international conferences.

Reports and deliverables from the evaluation:

Information Notes

Learning Notes

Learning notes are short publications highlighting some of the lessons drawn out of recent evaluations of projects or the wider programme.

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Briefing Papers

There are short updates about a technical area that is intended to help you undertake your work on a Darwin Initiative project. They set out the Darwin Initiative’s position on various issues of relevance to Darwin Initiative projects.

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These are evaluations and lessons derived from reviews of Darwin projects.

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Evaluation of Closed Projects

These are evaluations of closed projects within a specific region or country.

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