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Darwin Initiative: About Us

The Darwin Initiative is a UK government grants scheme that helps conserve biodiversity and support the communities that live alongside it through locally led projects worldwide. It is one of the Biodiversity Challenge Funds (BCFs) – the collective name for three of the UK Government's competitive grants that also includes the Illegal Wildlife Trade Challenge Fund and Darwin Plus, aimed at conserving biodiversity and safeguarding the environment for local people.

Successful Darwin Initiative projects are likely to include:

  • delivering outputs that will achieve both biodiversity conservation and multidimensional poverty reduction
  • demonstrated an understanding of GESI within their context, and effectively reflected this in their approach to deliver sustained outcomes
  • enhancing the capability and capacity of national and local partners and stakeholders, to help ensure a project’s long-term legacy
  • strengthening, promotion and use of evidence to inform and scale the action
  • the implementation of a novel or significantly improved approach
  • scalable approaches that have the potential to deliver greater impact

Since 1993, the Darwin Initiative has awarded over £230m to more than 1,275 projects across 159 countries.


Darwin Initiative has awarded over

230 Million
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