How to Apply

Capability & Capacity Applications


Darwin Initiative Capability & Capacity welcomes applications for projects between £50,000 and £200,000. Projects should focus on developing the capability and capacity of national and local organisations to efficiently deliver effective and successful biodiversity conservation - multidimensional poverty reduction projects. Projects should last between 1 to 2 years maximum.

Applications to Round 31 of Darwin Initiative Capability & Capacity are now open.

The latest application Round opened on Wednesday 22nd May 2024.

Applications to Darwin Initiative Capability & Capacity are a single-stage process.

  • Deadline for applications: Monday 21st October 2024
  • Results are expected by end of January 2025 at the earliest

The expected start date for successful projects is from 1st April 2025.



Before applying, you should first read the Guidance documents found under How to Apply.

Last year, we hosted a Darwin Initiative Capability & Capacity webinar for Round 30 Applicants. The webinar was designed to provide applicants interested in applying with an overview of the application process and an opportunity to answer questions applicants had about the process.

Please note that this webinar was prepared for the previous application Round and it provided an overall introduction to the Capability & Capacity scheme. Please be sure to refer to the specific guidance, requirements and deadlines for Round 31 before applying. You can find the slides and a recording of the event by following this link: Capability & Capability Pre-Application Webinar, August 2023.  


Application Process

Once you have read the general guidance, complete the Darwin Initiative Capability & Capacity Round 31 application form on the Flexi-Grant application portal. For drafting purposes, you may find the Word version of the Darwin Initiative Capability & Capacity Round 31 application form useful.

The budget spreadsheet for Darwin Initiative Capability & Capacity projects can be found below.

Please note that the £100k+ budget is locked so cannot be amended to ensure that all figures link through to the Summary correctly. However, if you would like a copy of the unlocked version, please contact directly. It will be your responsibility to ensure that the budget is correctly presented. We cannot increase a budget request after a project is awarded. The Summary page will remain locked to ensure all budgets are reviewed on the same basis.

Additional materials that you will be required to complete as part of your application can be found below or downloaded from within Flexi-Grant.

For further queries, see our Frequently Asked Questions.