Stage 2 Workshops, November 2023

In November 2023, four events were hosted as part of the Darwin Initiative Stage 2 workshops, for Round 30 applicants that had been successfully invited through to Stage 2.


Webinar – Frequently Asked Questions

On 7th November, we hosted a webinar for applicants under Round 30 of Darwin Initiative that were invited through to Stage 2. This webinar introduced Stage 2 applicants to some of the frequently asked questions and common issues relating to eligibility, finance, Flexi-Grant, gender and safeguarding requirements.

The slides from this session can be accessed here.


Workshop Session – Monitoring and Evaluation

On 8th November, we hosted two interactive Monitoring and Evaluation workshops for Stage 2 applicants, repeated to cater for time-zones. This session focused on M&E, logframes and Standard Indicators. It involved some presentations combined with interactive practical sessions to support applicants in writing Stage 2 application. It covered the use of project design tools and methods to ensure that logframes are as robust as possible through the inclusion of “SMART” indicators and appropriate means of verification. 

The slides from this session can be accessed here.

A copy of the exercise sheet used during the session is available here.


Webinar - Darwin Initiative Expert Committee: What makes a good application

On 9th November, we hosted a presentation with Patricia Mupeta-Muyamwa from the Darwin Initiative Expert Committee. This session provided applicants with an insight into what the Expert Committee looks for in an application through outlining the main assessment processes and providing tips on how to improve or strengthen Stage 2 applications.

Slides from “What makes a good application” presentation are available here.