Biodiversity Challenge Funds (Darwin Initiative, Illegal Wildlife Trade Challenge Fund and Darwin Plus) are committed to ensuring the highest standards of conduct in the delivery of our services and maintaining compliance with all applicable policies, laws, rules and regulations. To ensure that we are all held to account the Biodiversity Challenge Funds whistleblowing facility supports the reporting of possible illegal, unethical, or improper conduct when the normal channels (for example contacting NIRAS at of communication have proven ineffective or difficult.

Please use this facility to report for example corruption, fraud, money laundering, aid diversion, human trafficking, slavery, safeguarding children and young people concerns, terrorism funding, and other violations related to Biodiversity Challenge Funds, our people, and programmes.

Contact details

Partners, consultants, contractors, suppliers, stakeholders and associated person(s) involved in Defra funded business should immediately report any suspicions or allegations to: