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Food sustainability: Word from the BCFs

Testing the penetrability of the pond soil gives researchers an idea of feeding possibilities for critically endangered species such as the giant ibis. Credit - Everland.

Word from the BCFs

In a world where the choices we make about what we consume resonate far beyond our plates, this issue explores the critical intersection of food, biodiversity, and livelihoods, recognising that a sustainable food system hinges on the safeguarding of ecosystems and the livelihoods around them.

We are excited to present insights from projects funded under the Darwin Initiative, IWT Challenge Fund, and Darwin Plus – three pillars of our collective commitment to conserving biodiversity and safeguarding the environment for local people. Through ground-breaking research and community-driven efforts, our projects strike a balance between agricultural or aquacultural needs and ecological integrity, embracing innovative solutions and collaboration to work towards a future where humanity and nature thrive in coexistence.

We invite you to share in these missions to explore the triumphs, challenges, and insights revealed. The call to action is clear: share these stories, engage in the discourse, and as we look to COP28, take faith in the power that individuals, communities, and collaboration on a local to global level can have – from promoting native tree species in cocoa agroforestry in Cote d’Ivoire, to online monitoring of jaguar trafficking in Bolivia, to assessing and improving the sustainability of spiny lobster fisheries in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

We hope you enjoy the first edition of the new Biodiversity Challenge Funds newsletter!