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Protecting galaxiids from salmonid invasions in Chile and the Falklands

Ref: EIDPO041
Type: Post-Project
Project Leader: Dr Carlos Garcia de Leaniz
Lead Institution: Swansea University
Host Country Institutions: Universidad de Los Lagos, Gov of Falkland Islands - Environment, Falkland Islands Development Corporation
Start Date: 2010-04-01
End Date: 2012-08-30
Funding: £179,920.00
Website: http://www.biodiversity.cl
Status: Completed
Regions: South America, UKOT
Countries: Chile, Falkland Islands
Purpose: Building on our successful Darwin project, we now propose to develop practical, proactive measures to help reverse the widespread decline of native galaxiids in Chile and the Falklands Islands by: (1) Identifying those galaxiids populations most in need of protection from salmonid invasions using a novel landscape genetics approach that will integrate (and model) data on salmonid pressure, habitat connectivity, and galaxiid population structuring and gene flow using a combination of molecular markers, stable isotopes, and elemental composition analysis (2) Developing and implementing a reintroduction and captive breeding programme for endangered Aplochiton zebra and Aplochiton taeniatus based on Recirculation Aquaculture Systems (RAS) and our pooled expertise on ex-situ conservation, environmental enrichment, and conservation genetics (3) Field-testing novel in-situ approaches to galaxiid conservation based on the possible removal of invasive salmonids from critical habitats, and the implementation of control and legal measures designed to prevent salmonid colonization and encroachment of galaxiid refuge areas (4) Building capacity, as well as training and education material to draw attention to the conservation needs of galaxiids and the threats posed by salmonid invasions

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