Tracking the Sociable Lapwing: conservation beyond the breeding ground

India, Kazakhstan, Russian Federation, Turkey
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Ref: EIDPO035

Status: Completed

Funding Scheme:
Project Leader:
Lead Organisation:
Project Partners:
ACBK - Association for the Conservation of Biodliversity in Kazakhstan, BNHS - Bombay Natural History Society, Doga Dernegi - DD, Syrian Society for Conservation and Wildlife - SSCW, RBCU - Russian Bird Conservation Union, Sudanese Wildlife Society, Nature Iraq, AEWA - Secretariat of the Agreement on the Conservation of African-Eurasian Migratory Waterbirds
Start Date:
End Date:
Europe & Central Asia, South Asia
Broad Approches:
Species conservation, Migratory species
Specific Tools:
Research training, Research, Monitoring, Nbsap
India, Kazakhstan, Russian Federation, Turkey
Project Summary:
To extend and develop local capacity to better understand and improve the conservation status of the Sociable Lapwing in all key countries along its migration routes and in its wintering areas
Project Outputs:
Output 1. Satellite tag attachment and colour-ringing of birds on breeding grounds continues. Output 2. Migration routes and stop-over areas are identified across the species’ world range Output 3. Location, extent and habitat of the Sociable Lapwing’s wintering areas clarified Output 4. Causes and degree of threats at key passage and wintering sites assessed Output 5. Public awareness raised in all key migration and wintering areas on the importance of Sociable Lapwing and the degree and nature of threats that it faces Output 6. International and national Species Action Plans developed and agreed within each of the key range states

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