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Securing the future for Gurney's Pitta and its forest habitat

Ref: EIDPO024
Type: Post-Project
Project Leader: Ian Barber
Lead Institution: RSPB
Host Country Institutions: Forest Restoration Research Unit - FORRU of Chiang Mai Uni, BANCA - Biodiversity and Nature Conservation Association, Bird Conservation Society of Thailand, National Parks, Wildlife & Plant Conservation Dept, Birdlife - Indochina
Start Date: 2009-04-01
End Date: 2011-06-30
Funding: £76,776.00
Website: http://www.forru.org/FORRUEng_Website/Pages/enggurneyspitta.htm
Status: Completed
Regions: East Asia
Countries: Burma, Thailand
Purpose: The purposes of this Post Project are i) to reverse habitat loss of Gurney’s Pitta (GP) in southern Thailand by forest restoration with community involvement and ii) to clarify the species’ status elsewhere. This represents a logical application of the outputs of the original project, which i) generated knowledge and capacity to enable forest restoration within the bird’s small range in southern Thailand and ii) produced a technical restoration strategy. The Post Project aims to implement the strategy by restoring critical areas of GP habitat. In order to achieve a lasting legacy, implementation of the restoration strategy will also require increased community involvement, both to help restore forest and to safeguard restored forest into the future. Community development will therefore form an important part of the Post Project. The original project also generated information on GP population density, distribution and ecological requirements. The results raised further questions relating to the species’ distribution and population that the Post Project will resolve. Doing so will have profound consequences for the species’ future conservation. The Post Project therefore flows logically from the original project.

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Title: EIDPO024 Application - edited
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