Improving indigenous Bolivian Chiquitano people’s livelihoods through sustainable forest management

Bolivia, Brazil
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Ref: 26-024

Status: Current

Funding Scheme:
Main Project
Project Leader:
Lead Organisation:
Project Partners:
Plantlife International, Fundación de Amigos para la Naturaleza (FAN), Museo de Historia Natural Noel Kempff Mercado (MHNNKM), Gabriel René Moreno Autonomous University in Santa Cruz (UAGRM), Central of Chiquitanas Indigenous Communities – Turubó, Activa, Bolivia
Start Date:
End Date:
South America
Forests, Tropical forest
Threats To Biodiversity:
Land use change
Broad Approches:
Gender, Benefit sharing, Livelihoods, Poverty reduction, General measures, Sustainable use, Goods services
Specific Tools:
Nbsap, Protected areas, Global plant strategy, Monitoring, Traditional knowledge, Cepa, Participatory, Training, Research, Research training
Bolivia, Brazil
Project Summary:
This project will help to protect the Bolivian Chiquitano ecoregion The globally unique Bolivian Chiquitano ecoregion is under increasing pressure from expanding soybean agriculture, cattle ranging, logging, and subsistence farming. This project will enable the government of Santa Cruz (an autonomous department) to implement an effective conservation strategy by: 1) providing diversification options for livelihoods in sustainable forest management, 2) engaging key stakeholders (indigenous forest communities, soybean farmers, and cattle rangers), 3) building capacity for assessing IUCN extinct risk, and 4) implementing Important Plant Area (IPA) criteria in Chiquitano forest conservation

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