A participatory conservation programme for the Comoro Islands

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Ref: 17-011

Status: Completed

Funding Scheme:
Main Project
Project Leader:
Project Partners:
Gov of Union of Comoros and the administration of the island of Anjouan
Start Date:
End Date:
Sub-Saharan Africa
Forests, Tropical forest, Island biodiversity
Broad Approches:
Species conservation, In situ, Goods services, Institutional development, Livelihoods, Co management
Specific Tools:
Cepa, Participatory, Protected areas, Rehabilitation
Project Summary:
Engage at least 10 communities living around remaining forest zones of Anjouan in the implementation of an integrated landscape management process in order to: 1) Protect terrestrial endemic biodiversity and its habitat 2) Contribute to improving the livelihoods of the human population 3) Improve sustainability of natural resource use
Project Outputs:
1.Innovative participatory biodiversity conservation and community sustainable development model defined for the Comoro Islands, integrated into local policy, and publicised locally and internationally. 2.At least 10 local communities surrounding remaining forest on Anjouan empowered to develop sustainably in a manner compatible with forest conservation and management. 3.Protected area zoning plan produced from a biodiversity perspective, and biodiversity and habitat quality monitoring system created. 4.New local NGO created and supported to become a major independent force for conservation in the Comoros.

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