Co-management of Forests and Wildlife in Bi Doup-Nui Ba Nature Reserve, Vietnam

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Ref: 16-014

Status: Completed

Funding Scheme:
Main Project
Project Leader:
Lead Organisation:
Project Partners:
WWF - Greater Mekong Vietnam Office, Lam Dong
Start Date:
End Date:
East Asia
Forests, Temperate forest, Mountains
Threats To Biodiversity:
Environmental degradation, Over exploitation
Broad Approches:
Species conservation, In situ, Ecosystem conservation, Goods services, Sustainable use, Incentives, Poverty reduction, Livelihoods, Benefit sharing, Co management
Specific Tools:
Research training, Training, Participatory, Monitoring, Impact assessment, Protected areas
Project Summary:
To conserve threatened biodiversity in the Bi Doup-Nui Ba (BDNB) National Park in Vietnam through the introduction of collaborative forest and wildlife stewardship models based on negotiated tenure and access rights.
Project Outputs:
1) Appropriate legal frameworks [from the village, commune, district and provincial level] for community-management are in place 2) Communities in the buffer zone have the institutional capacity to negotiate, benefit from and monitor co-management agreements 3) Core protection zone and surrounding land use boundaries established; community enforcement groups established 4) Socio-economic status established; economic feasibility study completed; community sustainable financing plan developed and implemented 5) Communities monitor their natural resource use and use increases in their knowledge to manage access to the resources and core area 6) Project successes communicated nationally and internationally; lessons for wider replication and policy change across national and regional levels

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