Wildlife Wood Project

Cameroon, Ghana
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Ref: 16-010

Status: Completed

Funding Scheme:
Main Project
Project Leader:
Project Partners:
JCM-LLL, University of Ghana, MoFW (MINFOF) - Cameroon, Forestry Commission - Ghana, WWF - Cameroon
Start Date:
End Date:
Sub-Saharan Africa
Forests, Tropical forest
Threats To Biodiversity:
Environmental degradation, Over exploitation
Broad Approches:
Species conservation, In situ, Ecosystem conservation, Sustainable use, Incentives
Specific Tools:
Research training, Cepa, Monitoring, Certification, Trade
Cameroon, Ghana
Project Summary:
To reduce unsustainable hunting and trapping of wildlife (bushmeat) in timber production forests of West and Central Africa, by identifying wildlife indicators for use in forest certification and national forest regulations, and by developing wildlife management systems with timber companies and local communities.
Project Outputs:
1. Wildlife indicators identified in 2 rainforest regions (west and central Africa), which can be used to verify timber certification systems 2. Species composition, patterns and nature of bushmeat use in timber concessions documented. 3. Wildlife management plans developed in 2 case study forests (1 per country), to develop best practice with timber companies. 4. Cost-effective and scientifically rigorous wildlife monitoring system established, and impact of forest management plans assessed. 5. Capacity building through training timber company guards & government rangers, and through MSc studentships. 6. Knowledge and awareness of timber certification and wildlife management increased among government, private sector, research and local communities, and timber consumers.

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