Community-based sustainable management of forest resources in Amazonian extractive reserves

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Ref: 16-001

Status: Completed

Funding Scheme:
Main Project
Project Leader:
Project Partners:
INPA - Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas de Amazonas, IBAMA - Brazilian Institute of the Environment and Natural Renewable Resources, SDS - Amazonas
Start Date:
End Date:
South America
Forests, Tropical forest
Threats To Biodiversity:
Over exploitation
Broad Approches:
Species conservation, In situ, Ecosystem conservation, Goods services, Sustainable use, Incentives, Benefit sharing, Co management, Community management
Specific Tools:
Research training, Monitoring, Protected areas
Project Summary:
To design appropriate guidelines to manage game vertebrates and other nontimber resource populations in large multiple-use tropical forest reserves, helping the Brazilian federal and state governments in developing, stimulating and implementing effective community-based wildlife management programs that are grounded in the socioeconomic reality of Amazonian Extractive and Sustainable Development Reserves, and Indigenous Territories.
Project Outputs:
1. Assessment of forest resources extracted, and levels of offtake. 2. Quantitative assessment of the demographic sustainability of forest resource extraction. 3. Local monitors, field technicians and students able to assess and monitor forest biodiversity using quantitative methods. 4. Local communities at at RDS Uacari and RESEX Medio-Jurua, and other reserves are able to effectively apply large-scale management recommendations.

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