ADEPT - Agricultural Development and Environmental Protection in Transylvania

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Ref: 15-008

Status: Completed

Funding Scheme:
Main Project
Project Leader:
Lead Organisation:
Project Partners:
Adept Foundation Ltd, University Lucien Blaga, University Babes-Bolyai, University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Gov of Romania, Ecotour Sibiu, WWF - DCP (Danube Carpathian Programme), Town Hall Sachiz, Orange Romania
Start Date:
End Date:
Europe & Central Asia
Temperate grassland, Forests, Temperate forest
Threats To Biodiversity:
Land use change
Broad Approches:
Ecosystem conservation, Ecosystem approach, Goods services, Incentives, General measures, Livelihoods
Specific Tools:
Cepa, Rehabilitation, Tourism
Project Summary:
Conservation of bio-diversity in a semi-natural landscape of S E Transylvania (Romania), linked to benefits for the local population through sustainable use of private forest and grassland ecosystems, which will have local success and act as a model for broader application nationally
Project Outputs:
1. Locate and assess important species and habitats in order to consolidate the scientific data required to propose various forms of conservation management and protection within the project area. 2. Raise awareness of and support for local conservation measures through increased under-standing of the economic as well as global importance of the area and its heritage. Use various methods: Visitor Centre, school presentations, village meetings, publications, information boards, website. 3. Design and implement measures that will provide economic incentives for grassland and forest conservation. Plan incentive schemes using community participation, external expertise. Local Steering Group (LSG) established including ANCA, Town Hall and leading farmers. Assist local people to access EU agri-environmental schemes. Promote agro-tourism through training/ marketing. Provide input into National Biodiversity Strategy and National Rural Development Strategy

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