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Big cat conservation and sustainable management in Southern Africa

Ref: 9015
Type: Main Project
Project Leader: Professor David Macdonald
Lead Institution: University of Oxford, WildCRU
Host Country Institutions: Gov of Zimbabwe - DNPWM
Start Date: 2000-04-01
End Date: 2003-03-31
Funding: £154,239.00
Status: Completed
Regions: Sub-Saharan Africa
Countries: Zimbabwe
Purpose: To recommend a management strategy for sustainable use in the region and to stimulate regional interest in conservation issues. POST: To encourage sustainable use and conservation of wildlife resources (in particular big cats), in the Hwange and the southern African region
Outputs: Hold quarterly workshops for national parks staff and other stakeholders. Produce newsletter. Hold 12 monthly meetings for NP ecologists for dissemination and planning/training purposes. Circulate educational material to schools annually. Complete projects by Zimbabwean students. Establish database on individual indentifactory features and pride ranges. Train Zimbabwean field assistant for 2-3 years in field ecology. Submit 4 papers to peer reviewed journals. POST: Yearly regional workshops held. Data obtained on lion population recovery after quota reduction. Data on value of wildlife (in particular lions) to tourism revenue collected. Data on effect of conservation education obtained. Final workshop presents results Conservation education outreach continues Database on hunting trophy quality compiled, manual on wildlife census and quota setting produced.

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Title: 09-015 FR - edited
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Title: 9-015 AR1 - edited
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Title: 9-015 HY2
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