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Mapping St Helena's marine biodiversity to create a Marine Management Plan

Ref: 19031
Type: Main Project
Project Leader: Dr Tony Weighell
Lead Institution: JNCC - Joint Nature Conservation Committee
Host Country Institutions: Gov of St Helena
Start Date: 2012-04-01
End Date: 2014-11-21
Funding: £164,150.00
Status: Completed_admin
Regions: UKOT
Countries: St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha
Purpose: To build capacity for local personnel to implement marine monitoring and management strategies resulting in the protection and sustainable use of their marine resources in the long-term. To raise local and international awareness of St. Helena’s unique marine life.
Outputs: 1. Creation of project team and recruitment as required. 2. Collation of existing marine biological data and maps existing information on dolphins whales. Collation of information regarding commercial use resources e.g. fishing and aggregation extraction. Data Management system created using marine recorder. 3. Collection of marine benthic data including, marine fauna, flora and habitats. 4. Generation of GIS maps of the distribution and extent of both St Helena shallow marine resource and commercial usage of these resources. 5. Production of a list of species and habitats of high conservation importance e.g. endemics and those naturally rare. GIS Maps to be produced to demonstrate extent and distribution of above. 6. Draft of monitoring and management plans (using above outputs as a basis). Including the identification of current and potential future threats. 7. Identification of potential marine protected areas. 8. Presentations, workshops and leaflets and media coverage. Raised awareness in schools.

Title: 19-031 AR1 - edited
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Title: 19-031 AR2 - edited
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