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Institutional capacity building & training, Royal Botanic Garden, Serbithang, Bhutan

Ref: 12024
Type: Main Project
Project Leader: Dr David Rae
Lead Institution: RBGE - Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh
Host Country Institutions: Royal Botanic Garden, Serbithang - RBGS
Start Date: 2003-08-01
End Date: 2005-10-30
Funding: £124,635.00
Status: Completed
Regions: South Asia
Countries: Bhutan
Purpose: The ultimate purpose of the project is to raise standards in the RBG Serbitang to realise its full potential so that it can contribute to sustainable development and the objectives of the CBD, particularly to environemntal education, conservation and research. Before it can do that a number of fundamental activities need to take place that can best be described as institutional capacity building and training. They are as follows: 1. To enable staff to propagate and cultivate plants. This will be achieved by helping to develop a nursery, arranging staff exchanges and holding propagation workshops. 2. To give the staff an understanding of collection curation through plant records, collections policies and collections management. 3. To help develop the interpretative potential of the Garden, including plant labelling, a map/leaflet and interpretative information. 4. To equip staff with the ability to use the Garden and its resources for educational activities, for school teachers, school children, students and the public in general, including tourists.
Outputs: An Interpretation Master Plan indicating the most effective way of using the Garden to highlight important issues concerning Bhutan’s Bio-diversity. A Plant Records database in place. A functional nursery established with 2 staff capable of propagation plants from seeds and cuttings. Traditionally printed plant labels installedAn attractive, well maintained Garden with a well curated collection of plants (NB it must be noted that a fine garden with high standards cannot be fully created within 3 years. An education policy established defining ways in which the Garden can be used for biodiverstiy education.

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