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Research, survey and biodiversity planning on the Tibet-Qinghai plateau, China

Ref: 10009
Type: Main Project
Project Leader: Mr Mike Harding
Lead Institution: FFI - Fauna and Flora International
Host Country Institutions: Upper Yangtze Organisation, Environmental Protection Bureau
Start Date: 2001-07-01
End Date: 2004-03-31
Funding: £80,129.00
Status: Completed
Regions: East Asia
Countries: China
Purpose: The project will assist the rural communities of Yushu prefecture and the provincial authorities to manage sustainably the habitats and wildlife of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. This is to be achieved through a combination of training and participatory planning and will lead to project proposals for conservation action.
Outputs: Outputs: The Project will: Develop a detailed understanding of the link between the socio-economic condition of the rural communities and the management of the rangelands. Provide an assessment of the current condition of the plateau habitats and key species within the project area, identifying priorities for restoration of damaged areas. Improve awareness among stakeholders of the economic and biological benefits of sound rangeland management. Increase the institutional capacity for the survey, monitoring and management of the biological resources in the plateau area. Provide a 1st stage landscape level management plan through a participatory planning process. Identify potential protected areas and specify management structures for them.. An assessment of alternative income streams for rural communities to relieve pressure on biological resources.

Title: 10-009 FR Ann 2 Qinghai Co Management Plan _final_
Download: Management Plan [pdf]

Title: 10-009 Applic - edited
Download: Application Form [pdf]

Title: 10-009 AR2 - edited
Download: Annual Report [pdf]

Title: 10-009 FR Ann 1 Field trip and training workshops report July - Sept 2002
Download: Meeting Report [pdf]

Title: 10-009 FR - edited
Download: Final Report [pdf]