Stage 2 applicants workshop Oct 2015


We held a workshop for all Stage 2 applicants to Round 22. The objective was:

  • to better understand Darwin funding requirements
  • to meet the key Darwin Initiative people
  • to help applicants develop a robust ‘implementable application’
  • to meet other Darwin applicants and build links between projects

Below are all the materials from the day including presentations and the hand-out with practical exercises for applicants.

Stage 2 Applicants Workshop Note

1. Welcome and Introductions

2. FAQs and common issues

3. DEC What makes a good project M Hatchwell

4. Poverty score and SDGs

5. Gender

6. Communicating your ideas

7. Theory of change

8. Logframe development and evaluability

9. Evidence

Group Exercises for Workshop

Agenda for Stage 2 workshop 2015 – FINAL