Darwin New Projects Workshop, June 2018


In June 2018, two events were hosted for new projects funded under Darwin Initiative Round 24. These events were open to new grantees under the Darwin funding schemes, and the webinar was a joint event for grantees under both IWT and Darwin.

On 12th June, a webinar was held for new projects to introduce the financial and administrative reporting systems for new Darwin Initiative and IWT Challenge Fund projects. The aim of this webinar was to welcome newly funded projects, and provide advice and support relating to financial, administrative, and technical reporting for Darwin and IWT projects.

The webinar was recorded and can be accessed here.

On 19th June, an in person workshop was held at the Zoological Society of London. The workshop content built on the previous week’s webinar and was focused on reporting, communications and lesson sharing for new projects. The aim of the workshop was to provide advice and support relating to project monitoring and evaluation and communications, and to provide a forum for projects to network with those working on similar topics and areas, to foster lesson learning.

Workshop and Webinar Proceedings

Webinar Presentation

Workshop presentations: