darwin initative

Host Country Institutions

University of bristol

114008The Darwin Initiative Centre for Bat Conservation in China (£112,000.00)
University of Bristol
2005-07-01 - 2008-10-31China
215038Restoring Island Biodiversity: the Reintroduction of Endemic Mauritian Reptile Communities (£181,995.00)
DWCT - Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust
2006-06-01 - 2009-05-31Mauritius
3EIDPR100Agricultural intensification and African dung-insect biodiversity (£2,950.00)
University of Bristol
2010-01-09 - 2010-01-17Zambia
4EIDPR104Non-invasive acoustic identification of singing amphibians in Sri Lanka (£2,966.00)
University of Bristol
2009-07-01 - 2009-07-31Sri Lanka
5EIDPS002Ruth Boada (£8,492.00)
University of Bristol
2004-04-01 - 2004-09-30Ecuador