Economic incentives to conserve Hilsa fish (Tenualosa Ilisha) in Bangladesh

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Ref: 20-015

Status: Current

Funding Scheme:
Main Project
Project Leader:
Lead Organisation:
Project Partners:
Bangladesh Agricultural University, Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies - BCAS, Dept of Fisheries, Bangladesh
Start Date:
End Date:
South Asia
Marine coastal
Fisheries, Wildlife harvest
Threats To Biodiversity:
Over exploitation
Broad Approches:
Species conservation, Goods services, Sustainable use, Incentives, Institutional development, Poverty reduction, Livelihoods, Benefit sharing, Community management
Specific Tools:
Research training, Cepa, Monitoring, Impact assessment
Project Summary:
By the end of this project, an improved mechanism for ensuring sustainable management of Hilsha fishery is put in place, incorporating incentives conditional on compliance with fishing restrictions and other provisions of management plans. These plans are based on ecological and socioeconomic assessment and agreed in a bottom-up participatory process with fisher communities. An effective payment mechanism reduces threats to marine biodiversity and contribute to poverty alleviation through improved targeting of those affected, maintaining a food source for the poor, and enabling continued employment of small-scale fishers in Bangladesh and beyond:Myanmar and India.

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