Strengthening the world's largest Marine Protected Area: Chagos Archipelago

British Indian Ocean Territory
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Ref: 19-027

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Main Project
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Island biodiversity, Marine coastal
Threats To Biodiversity:
Invasive species, Over exploitation
Broad Approches:
Species conservation, In situ, Ecosystem conservation, Ecosystem approach, Goods services, Migratory species
Specific Tools:
Research training, Training, Cepa, Monitoring, Protected areas
British Indian Ocean Territory
Project Summary:
To strengthen the Chagos Marine Protected Area by providing scientific knowledge for effective management and to develop a strategy that engages the support of potential stakeholders through outreach, education and engagement. The legacy will be sound management and increased value of what is currently the world’s largest Marine Protected Area and a unique and globally important reference site
Project Outputs:
1. To continue established baselines and develop a more comprehensive approach to long term marine and island ecosystem monitoring against which change can be assessed, and develop an understanding to assess the magnitude and significance of potential impacts from several scenarios, including climate change, island ecosystem restoration and possible human resettlement. The Chagos/BIOT Management Plan will include BAPs and identify how CBD/CMS/CITES strategic goals and AICHI targets will be addressed. 2. Provision of scientific survey equipment and a permanent facility for safe and secure storage between scientific visits, thereby reducing transportation logistics and associated costs. 3. Engagement of Chagossians in the UK, Mauritius and Seychelles in importance of biodiversity and conservation through training workshops and outreach activities. 4. Increased general public awareness in UK, Diego Garcia, Mauritius and internationally of the high value of the Chagos Marine Protected Area in protecting a wide range of oceanic ecosystems for benefit of people around Indian Ocean, and as a control site against which to assess impacts of climate change.

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