Strengthening partnerships for Ramsar implementation in South-East Asia

Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam
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Ref: 16-013

Status: Completed

Funding Scheme:
Main Project
Project Leader:
Lead Organisation:
Project Partners:
Bird Conservation Society of Thailand, Malaysian Nature Society
Start Date:
End Date:
East Asia
Inland waters, Wetlands, Marine coastal
Threats To Biodiversity:
Land use change
Broad Approches:
Species conservation, In situ, Ecosystem conservation, Ecosystem approach, Sustainable use, General measures, Policy, Institutional development
Specific Tools:
Research training, Training, Cepa, Monitoring, Nbsap
Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam
Project Summary:
The purpose of the project is to strengthen government-civil society partnerships to support implementation of the Ramsar Convention in South-East Asia (Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam). Civil society organisations will play an active part in wetland policy formulation and implementation, and will assist governments with meeting Ramsar obligations including advancing wise-use at key wetlands and expanding the Ramsar List of Wetlands of International Importance.
Project Outputs:
1. Government and civil society organisations develop joint priorities and work plans for enhancing Ramsar implementation in 4 South-East Asian countries. 2. Capacity of government and civil society partners in key aspects of Ramsar implementation strengthened. 3. Collaborative wetland management initiatives engaging local government and civil society stakeholders in place at priority sites. 4. National wetland monitoring programmes established as an activity of government-civil society partnerships. 5. The importance of the Ramsar Convention and the achievements of government-civil society partnerships demonstrated at national, regional and global levels.

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