Molecular tools for promoting biodiversity in rainforest fragments of Borneo

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Ref: 10-025

Status: Completed

Funding Scheme:
Main Project
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Project Partners:
Yayasan Sabah Group, Forest Research Centre - Sabah
Start Date:
End Date:
East Asia
Forests, Tropical forest, Island biodiversity
Project Summary:
Data gathering and capacity building to assist conservationists, ecologists and forest managers in Sabah with promoting responsible economic growth that maximizes the development of agriculture and silviculture whilst minimizing the impacts of loss and fragmentation of rainforests on biodiversity. This will be achieved by providing clear practical advice on the size and placement of forest patches necessary to preserve species richness and genetic diversity; and assisting conservationists in establishing priorities for the conservation of species, by using genetic techniques to identify butterfly species of high conservation value and determining their vulnerability to habitat fragmentation. The project will focus on butterflies, which are highly diverse in Sabah with many endemic species.
Project Outputs:
Quantitative elucidation of how species diversity and genetic diversity within species relate to forest patch size and isolation. Training of two Sabahan Darwin Research Fellows in ecological and molecular techniques for measuring species richness and quantifying genetic diversity.

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