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Equitable access to pasture use for beekeepers in Kyrgyz Republic

Ref: 19015
Type: Main Project
Project Leader: Nicola Bradbear
Lead Institution: Bees for Development
Host Country Institutions: Rural Development Fund - RDF
Start Date: 2012-04-01
End Date: 2014-03-31
Funding: £149,646.00
Status: Completed_admin
Regions: Europe & Central Asia
Countries: Kyrgyzstan
Purpose: To enable beekeepers to create viable and sustained livelihoods by achieving legitimate and recognised access and use rights to contested pasture to keep bees. This will lead directly to poverty alleviation and conflict mitigation and will contribute to biodiversity maintenance
Outputs: 1. Changed perceptions and understanding among herders, local government executives and Pasture Users Unions about the role of beekeepers and their land use needs and rights. 2. Improved tenure regime for beekeepers achieved through: • Changes in policy, institutional arrangements and legal frameworks. • Enhanced roles by local government and Pasture Users Unions to regulate tenure relations between herders and beekeepers. 3. Socially agreed-upon arrangements provide (currently excluded) beekeepers access to pasture. 4. Beekeepers associations at national and local level have the information and skills to better advocate for beekeepers, influence policy processes and present a positive public image of beekeeping. 5. 60 young herders are equipped with the skills to start beekeeping and with continued support to generate income from small beekeeping businesses. 6. Awareness raised among all land user groups, local government executives and PUUs about the importance of bees and beekeeping for pollination, health of pastures and ecosystem integrity.

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