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Local action for global impact - community-based biodiversity conservation films

Ref: 16006
Type: Main Project
Project Leader: Dr David Harper
Lead Institution: University of Leicester - Biology
Host Country Institutions: Nature Kenya, National Museums of Kenya - NMK, WCS - Tanzania, TANEDU - Tanzanian Education and Information Services Trust, RAE - Rehabilitation of Arid Environments, ACC - African Conservation Centre, University of Nairobi, Arid Lands Information Network
Start Date: 2007-10-01
End Date: 2010-10-31
Funding: £245,773.00
Website: http://www.kenya-rift-lakes.org
Status: Completed
Regions: Sub-Saharan Africa
Countries: Kenya, Tanzania
Purpose: To make 300+ short (5-25 minute) films that link biodiversity conservation to sustainable livelihoods of local communities on issues which are also embedded in the national curricula, in digital laboratories in two pilot countries; to disseminate these films through a regional network of existing Education Centres in each country; to evaluate the effectiveness of these films at primary/secondary school, college/university & wider community and to share the best practices globally.
Outputs: 1) 2 digital film laboratories operational. 2) Film series produced to cover at least 16 biodiversity issues/areas in each country. 3) 6 trained film-making staff active. 4) 15+ Regional Education Centres established with capacity for film showing and outreach. 5) 16 curriculum support packages created. 6) 25-30 conservation education officers trained in use of digital technology. 6) Effectiveness of films for biodiversity conservation quantified 7) 36-48 young conservationists trained in conservation film-making & biodiversity 8) Manual of best practices produced

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