Darwin Initiative Round 20 – full list of projects


Round 20 of the Darwin Initiative is now complete. The full list of projects approved for funding is below.

This list is in addition to the 15 projects in our UK Overseas Territories announced in November 2013 which were funded through our Overseas Territories Environment and Climate Fund (also known as Darwin Plus).

Darwin Initiative – Round 20 project list:

Main Round Projects:

  • 21-001 ‘Developing a conservation management plan for Samoa’s little dodo- the Manumea or tooth-billed-pigeon’ (Samoa)
    Samoan Conservation Society (£229,842)
  • 21-002 ‘Building capacity for sustainable resource management of fungi in Lao PDR’ (Lao PDR)
    The James Hutton Institute (£243,619)
  • 21-003 ‘Protecting Ugandan endemic cycads from biodiversity loss and trafficking’ (Uganda)
    Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (£192,676)
  • 21-004 ‘Sustainable ranching and participatory land use planning in Bolivia and Paraguay’ (Bolivia, Paraguay)
    Wildlife Conservation Society – Bolivia (£297,274)
  • 21-005 ‘Pesticide plants for organic cotton, livelihoods and biodiversity in Mali'(Mali)
    Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (£258,540)
  • 21-006 ‘Balancing conservation and livelihoods in the Chimanimani forest belt, Mozambique’ (Mozambique)
    Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (£291,179)
  • 21-007 ‘Livelihoods in the balance – protecting Cambodia’s remaining seasonally-inundated grasslands’ (Cambodia)
    Wildlife and Wetlands Trust (WWT) (£222,241)
  • 21-008 ‘Reciprocal Watershed Agreements: conserving Bolivia’s Chaco through improved livelihoods’ (Bolivia)
    Fundacion Natura Bolivia (£262,600)
  • 21-009 ‘Biodiversity conservation through poverty alleviation: enabling sustainable forestry in Belize’ (Belize)
    University of Oxford (£288,813)
  • 21-010 ‘Linking community resilience and sustainable coastal protection in the Philippines’ (Philippines)
    Zoological Society of London (ZSL) (£318,964)
  • 21-011 ‘Securing livelihoods and conserving marine biodiversity through rights-based fisheries management’ (Madagascar)
    Blue Ventures (£251,855)
  • 21-012 ‘Enhancing rural livelihoods and biodiversity conservation through responsible tourism in Myanmar’ (Myanmar)
    Harrison Institute (£239,795)
  • 21-013 ‘Alternative livelihood opportunities for marine protected areas’ fisherwomen’ (Sierra Leone)
    University of Stirling (£247,264)
  • 21-014 ‘Reconnecting poverty alleviation to biodiversity conservation in Kenya’s Eastern Arc mountains’ (Kenya)
    Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology (£352,912)
  • 21-015 ‘Balancing development and conservation in Kenya’s largest freshwater wetland’ (Kenya)
    Nature Kenya (£280,000)
  • 21-016 ‘Alternative sustainable livelihood sources for forest-edge hunting communities’ (Uganda)
    Royal Zoological Society for Scotland (£123,000)
  • 21-017 ‘Community-based conservation for livelihood development in Lake Ossa Manatee Reserve’ (Cameroon)
    Zoological Society of London (£297,211)
  • 21-018 ‘Conservation and sustainable use of marine turtles in South-West Madagascar’ (Madagascar)
    Reef Doctor (£171,500)
  • 21-019 ‘Strengthening marine protected areas and marine ecotourism benefits in Sudan’ (Sudan)
    Equipe Cousteau (£300,000)
  • 21-020 ‘Eels – a flagship species for freshwater conservation in the Philippines’ (Philippines)
    Zoological Society of London (£306,846)
  • 21-021 ‘Enhancement of well-being and conservation in Cape Verde’s biodiversity hotspots’ (Cape Verde)
    Fauna and Flora International (£237,079)

Scoping projects:

  • EIDPR161 ‘Conservation from ridges to reefs through sustainable development, Halmahera, Indonesia (Indonesia)
    Fauna and Flora International (£4,100)
  • EIDPR162 ‘Promoting the Sustainable Development of Sierra Leone River Estuary’ (Sierra Leone)
    Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (£4,654)
  • EIDPR163 ‘Assessing the marine ornamental fishery in the Philippines’ (Philippines)
    Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (£2,400)

Darwin Fellowships:

  • EIDPS037 Samuel Osinubi (Ghana)
    UK host: Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (£18,385)
  • EIDPS038 Sayam Chowdhury (Bangladesh)
    UK host: Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (£26,550)
  • EIDPS039 Thiago Fonseca Morello Ramalho de Silva (Brazil)
    UK host: Lancaster University (£6,000)

Illegal Wildlife Trade projects:

In addition to the above Darwin Initiative projects, the UK Government is funding five projects focused on tackling Illegal Wildlife Trade (IWT).

Applications for projects tackling this key issue were invited through Round 20 of the Darwin Initiative. They were assessed alongside other Darwin applications and five were recommended for funding. Subsequently a new UK Government IWT fund was announcedhttps://www.gov.uk/government/news/uk-boosts-fight-against-illegal-wildlife-trade). It was agreed that these five IWT projects could be funded from this new IWT funding stream so they are NOT Darwin projects.

  • IWT01 – ‘Building capacity for pro-poor responses to wildlife crime in Uganda’ (Uganda)
    International Institute for Environment and Development (£384,441)
  • IWT02 – ‘Cutting out the middleman: combatting wildlife trafficking in Vietnam’ (Vietnam)
    Wildlife Conservation Society (£279,708)
  • IWT03 – ‘Breaking the chain: combatting the illegal trade in ploughshare tortoises’ (Madagascar)
    Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust (£215,932)
  • IWT04 – ‘Reducing rhino horn demand through behaviour change in Vietnam’ (Vietnam)
    Save the Rhino International (£289,075)
  • IWT05 – ‘Project Waylay: Supporting authorities in investigating illegal consignments of elephant ivory and rhinoceros horn in countries of origin, transit and destination’
    Interpol General Secretariat (£190,000)