darwin initative

Year Awarded


117001Conserving Eden: participatory forest management in the Tian-Shan region (£179,723.00)
University of Bournemouth - CCEEC
2009-04-01 - 2012-03-31Kyrgyzstan
217002Managing coral reef fisheries for biodiversity, ecosystem and economic benefits, Maldives (£220,000.00)
MCS - Marine Conservation Society
2009-04-01 - 2013-06-03Maldives
317003Developing tools for reducing biodiversity losses in tropical agricultural landscapes (£218,438.00)
University of York, Biology
2009-06-01 - 2012-05-31Malaysia
417004Building civil society capacity for conservation in the Caribbean UKOTs (£262,755.00)
Commonwealth Foundation
2009-04-01 - 2012-03-31Anguilla, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Montserrat, Turks and Caicos Islands
517005Darwin Marine Biodiversity Action Plan for Gabon (£299,741.00)
University of Exeter- CEC
2009-10-01 - 2012-03-31Gabon
617006Bushmeat hunting in Madagascar: linking science, policy and local livelihoods (£299,475.00)
Bangor University
2009-05-01 - 2012-05-31Madagascar
717007Building natural resource monitoring capacity in Ethiopia's key Afro-montane ecosystems (£290,769.00)
JHI - The James Hutton Institute
2009-04-01 - 2013-04-30Ethiopia
817008Can hunting and conservation of endemic Annamite ungulates be reconciled? (£294,469.00)
University of Cambridge - Geog
2009-09-01 - 2012-08-31Vietnam
917009Integrating religion with conservation: Islamic beliefs and Sumatra forest management (£229,321.00)
DICE - Durrell Institute of Conservation & Ecology
2009-07-01 - 2012-06-30Indonesia
1017010Chameleon trade and conservation in Madagascar (£249,225.00)
University of Kent - Anthropology (not DICE)
2009-05-01 - 2012-04-30Madagascar
1117011A participatory conservation programme for the Comoro Islands (£238,805.00)
Bristol, Clifton and West of England Zoological Society
2009-04-01 - 2012-12-31Comoros
1217012Belize large mammal corridor project (£173,989.00)
University of Southampton - Bio Sciences
2009-04-01 - 2012-07-31Belize
1317013Building capacity and resilience within the conservation sector in Tajikistan (£213,667.00)
FFI - Fauna and Flora International, FFI - Fauna and Flora International
2009-04-01 - 2012-03-31Tajikistan
1417014Developing Cross-sectoral Environmental Governance Platform for Mount Nimba (£248,727.00)
FFI - Fauna and Flora International
2009-04-01 - 2012-03-31Guinea, Ivory Coast, Liberia
1517015Harnessing carbon finance to arrest deforestation: Saving the Javan rhinoceroses (£188,624.00)
2009-04-01 - 2012-03-31Vietnam
1617016Conservation and Sustainable Management of Kenya’s Marine and Coastal Resources (£215,142.00)
FFI - Fauna and Flora International, FFI - Fauna and Flora International
2009-04-01 - 2012-03-31Kenya
1717017Innovative Governance Models for Marine Protected Area Management in Ecuador (£207,541.00)
FFI - Fauna and Flora International, FFI - Fauna and Flora International
2009-04-01 - 2012-03-31Ecuador
1817018Management Plan for Indigenous Voluntary Conserved Areas in Oaxaca, Mexico (£231,372.00)
GDF - Global Diversity Foundation
2009-04-01 - 2012-03-31Mexico
1917019Developing wildlife forensic capacity for ASEAN biodiversity conservation (£205,750.00)
TRACE Wildlife Forensic Network
2009-09-01 - 2012-08-31Malaysia, Thailand
2017020Enhancing the Elephant Trade Information System to guide CITES policy (£239,399.00)
University of Reading
2009-09-01 - 2012-09-30Zimbabwe
2117021Restoring Tropical Forests: a Practical Guide (£81,200.00)
2009-04-01 - 2012-12-31Thailand
2217022Conservation of the lowland savanna ecosystem in Belize (£287,951.00)
University of Edinburgh
2009-04-01 - 2012-03-31Belize
2317023Linking research and environmental education to reduce Amazonian wildfires (£253,770.00)
University of Lancaster - EC
2009-09-01 - 2013-02-28Brazil
2417024Securing human-elephant coexistence in Sumatra (£285,350.00)
Chester Zoo
2009-04-01 - 2012-03-31Indonesia
2517025Building evidence and capacity to conserve Hispaniola's endemic land mammals (£223,341.00)
DWCT - Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust
2009-10-01 - 2012-11-30Dominican Republic
2617026Restoration of priority Pacific Island ecosystems for people and biodiversity (£288,702.00)
Birdlife International, Birdlife International
2009-04-01 - 2012-03-31Fiji, Palau
2717027Market Based Scheme for Conservation in La Primavera Forest Mexico (£100,481.00)
University of York, Biology
2009-04-01 - 2012-03-31Mexico
2817028Conserving the Ruipa Corridor: facilitating cohesive management between diverse stakeholders. (£128,735.00)
SEE - Society for Environmental Exploration/Frontier
2009-07-01 - 2012-06-30Tanzania
2917029Berbak to the Future: Harnessing carbon to conserve biodiversity (£298,067.00)
ZSL - Zoological Society of London
2009-04-01 - 2012-03-31Indonesia
3017030Participatory approaches to nominating Crocker Range Biosphere Reserve, Sabah, Malaysia (£253,817.00)
GDF - Global Diversity Foundation
2009-08-01 - 2012-12-31Malaysia
3117031Ecological sustainability of leopard trophy hunting in Zimbabwe (£214,886.00)
University of Oxford, WildCRU
2009-12-01 - 2012-11-30Zimbabwe
32EIDPO024Securing the future for Gurney's Pitta and its forest habitat (£76,776.00)
2009-04-01 - 2011-06-30Burma, Thailand
33EIDPO025Capacity building to enhance marine protected area effectiveness, Malaysia (£120,000.00)
MCS - Marine Conservation Society
2009-04-01 - 2011-03-31Malaysia
34EIDPO026A forest restoration research unit facilitating biodiversity recovery in Cambodia (£116,443.00)
2009-04-01 - 2011-06-30Cambodia
35EIDPO027Reducing the impact of feral livestock in and around the Centre Hills (£144,236.00)
2009-04-01 - 2011-03-31Montserrat
36EIDPO028Phase II - Building university capacity to train and support Cambodian conservationists (£134,975.00)
FFI - Fauna and Flora International
2009-04-01 - 2011-03-31Cambodia
37EIDPO029Building on success - turning capacity building advances into conservation gains (£75,189.00)
Birdlife International
2009-04-01 - 2011-03-31Kenya, Malaysia, Palau, Paraguay
38EIDPO030Scaling up sustainable conservation through ecotourism and community-based monitoring (£149,318.00)
2009-04-01 - 2011-06-30Cambodia
39EIDPO031Restoration of the Mangrove Finch in Isabela, Galapagos (£171,484.00)
DWCT - Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust
2009-07-01 - 2011-12-31Ecuador
40EIDPO032Strengthening capacity for botanical inventory in the Republic of Congo (£85,671.00)
RBGE - Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh
2009-04-01 - 2011-04-30Congo
41EIDPO033Integrating local communities and science: management of La Amistad (Costa Rica-Panama) (£90,999.00)
NHM - Natural History Museum
2009-09-01 - 2011-07-31Costa Rica, Panama
42EIDPO034Consolidating peccary pelt certification in Peru (£34,426.00)
DICE - Durrell Institute of Conservation & Ecology
2009-07-01 - 2010-06-30Peru
43EIDPO035Tracking the Sociable Lapwing: conservation beyond the breeding ground (£141,000.00)
2009-04-01 - 2011-03-31India, Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkey
44EIDPO036Monitoring biodiversity indicators through volunteer networks across Eurasia (£197,039.00)
IoZ - Institute of Zoology, IoZ - Institute of Zoology
2009-04-01 - 2011-03-31Bulgaria, Hungary, Moldova, Romania, Slovenia, Ukraine
45EIDPR096Building biodiversity monitoring capacity for Belize (Chiquibul) and Guatemala (Peten). (£2,720.00)
NHM - Natural History Museum
2009-07-22 - 2009-07-30Belize
46EIDPR097Capacity building of Mano River countries for compliance with CBD (£2,955.00)
African Conservation and Development Foundation
2009-07-20 - 2009-07-31Sierra Leone
47EIDPR098Ranger Education Service – developing capacity for biodiversity education (£800.00)
FSC - Field Studies Council
2009-07-01 - 2009-07-31Egypt
48EIDPR099Improving biodiversity conservation and management in the Gaoligongshan Mountain Range (£2,950.00)
FFI - Fauna and Flora International
2009-11-01 - 2009-11-12China
49EIDPR101River dolphins and ecosystem services: integrated conservation in the Brahmaputra (£3,000.00)
ZSL - EDGE: Zoological Society of London EDGE programme
2009-07-20 - 2009-07-30India
50EIDPR102Sustainable aquaculture, fisheries and livelihoods in the Indian Sundarbans (£1,150.00)
University of Essex - CES
2009-09-01 - 2009-09-12India
51EIDPR103Community conservation of Chinese giant salamanders in the Qinling Mountains (£2,960.00)
ZSL - EDGE: Zoological Society of London EDGE programme
2009-08-10 - 2009-08-20China
52EIDPR104Non-invasive acoustic identification of singing amphibians in Sri Lanka (£2,966.00)
University of Bristol
2009-07-01 - 2009-07-31Sri Lanka
53EIDPR105KuangXi Waterfalls area and Botanical Gardens development in Luangprabang, Laos (£1,500.00)
RBG Kew - Jodrell, RBG Kew
2009-06-01 - 2009-06-10Laos
54EIDPR106Capacity building for biodiversity identification and monitoring centre in North West India (£2,000.00)
World Pheasant Association - Newcastle, World Pheasant Association - Newcastle
2009-10-31 - 2009-11-09India
55EIDPR107Conservation of the endangered red-billed curassow and the Atlantic Forest in Brazil (£2,960.00)
World Pheasant Association - Newcastle, World Pheasant Association - Newcastle
2009-09-01 - 2009-09-12Brazil
56EIDPR108BioRecce - Biodiversity recording for conservation, climate and ecology, Central Siberia (£1,670.00)
Fieldfare International Ecological Development, Fieldfare International Ecological Development
2009-09-07 - 2009-09-16Russia
57EIDPR109Conservation of the endemic freshwater crabs of Sri Lanka (£2,956.00)
Buglife - Scotland
2009-09-21 - 2009-09-27Sri Lanka
58EIDPR110Local-based monitoring for improved sustainability of Andean community-run reserves (£1,300.00)
University of Brighton - PBS
2009-06-20 - 2009-06-30ecuador
59EIDPR111St Helen's Millennium Forest: conservation, evolution and a changing climate (£3,000.00)
CEH - Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Edinburgh
2009-08-30 - 2009-09-16St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha
60EIDPR112Adapting to climate change in biodiversity hotspots: the Western Ghats (£2,946.00)
DICE - Durrell Institute of Conservation & Ecology
2009-12-11 - 2009-12-21India
61EIDPR113Institutionalising socially and environmentally sustainable riparian management within Belize (£2,600.00)
University of Lancaster - EC
2009-06-10 - 2009-06-20Belize
62EIDPR114Assessing and conserving critical pollinator communities in Bermuda (£2,200.00)
University of Leeds - IICB, University of Leeds - IICB
2009-08-03 - 2009-08-12Bermuda
63EIDPR115Conservation of endemic, threatened Vietnamese chelonians and their habitat (£2,500.00)
Bristol, Clifton and West of England Zoological Society, Bristol, Clifton and West of England Zoological Society
2009-07-15 - 2009-07-26Vietnam
64EIDPR116Snow leopards and people: natural resource management I Manaslu Himalaya Nepal (£2,880.00)
ZSL - Zoological Society of London, ZSL - Zoological Society of London
2009-05-01 - 2009-05-14Nepal
65EIDPR117Biodiversity inventory and conservation in the Falkland Islands and South Georgia (£3,000.00)
Wales Environment Research Hub, Wales Environment Research Hub
2009-07-12 - 2009-07-21Falkland Islands
66EIDPR118Wildlife conservation and human development in Northern Kenya (£2,060.00)
Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester Metropolitan University
2009-09-03 - 2009-09-13Kenya
67EIDPR119Conservation, propagation and re-establishment of the Mulanje Cedar (£2,500.00)
RBG Kew - Millennium Seed Bank, RBG Kew - Jodrell
2009-07-13 - 2009-07-18Malawi
68EIDPS020Hibert Huayalla (£7,350.00)
RBG Kew - Herbarium
2009-09-01 - 2009-12-21Bolivia
69EIDPS021Lokesh Ratna Shakya (£16,540.00)
RBGE - Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh
2009-09-01 - 2010-08-31Nepal
70EIDPS022Samuel Mutisya (£29,110.00)
University of Cambridge - Geog
2009-09-21 - 2010-09-22Kenya
71EIDPS023Jargal Jamsranjav (£17,865.00)
ZSL - Zoological Society of London
2009-09-25 - 2010-09-30Mongolia