darwin initative

Year Awarded


13006Field Courses in Tropical Biology (£388,185.00)
TBA Tropical Biology Association
1993-11-01 - Uganda
23008Marine Research Programme at Turneffe Atoll, Belize (£186,000.00)
NHM - Natural History Museum, Entomology
1993-11-01 - Belize
33010Plant Diversity of the Brejo Forests in Pernambuco, NE Brazil (£165,501.00)
RBG Kew - Herbarium
1993-11-01 - 1998-03-31Brazil
43011International Diploma in Herbarium Techniques (£40,000.00)
RBG Kew - Herbarium
1993-11-01 - International
53014Namdapha Rainforest Project (£124,200.00)
Scientific Exploration Society
1993-11-01 - India
63018Conservation of Coral Reef Fish Biodiversity (£112,158.00)
University of York - Env
1993-11-01 - Egypt, Kenya
73019International Biodiversity Management Programme (£135,057.00)
DICE - Durrell Institute of Conservation & Ecology, DICE - Durrell Institute of Conservation & Ecology
1993-11-01 - International
83021Conservation and Sustainable Utilisation of the Plant Genetic Resources of Mexico and Central America (£41,600.00)
1993-11-01 - Mexico
93023Management of Tall Grasslands for the Conservation of Biodiversity and Sustainable Utilisation (£102,040.00)
University of East Anglia - CEEC
1993-11-01 - Nepal
103024Impact of Atmospheric Pollution on Tundra Vegetation in the Russian Arctic (£89,247.00)
University of Cambridge - Scott Polar Research Institute
1993-11-01 - Russia
113026Fish and Aquatic Ecosystems in the Rwenzori Mountains (£42,423.00)
King's College London
1993-11-01 - Uganda
123029Biodiversity: exploration, evaluation, conservation and monitoring (training courses) (£84,960.00)
University of Oxford - Plants
1993-11-01 - International
133032Core Development of the Forum and Support for NGOs in UK Dependent Territories (£25,000.00)
UKOTCF - UK Overseas Territories Conservation Forum
1993-11-01 - Anguilla, Bermuda, British Antarctic Territory, British Indian Ocean Territory, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Falkland Islands, Gibraltar, Montserrat, Pitcairn, Henderson, Ducie & Oeno Islands, SBAs of Akrotiri & Dhekelia (Cyprus), South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands, St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha, Turks and Caicos Islands
143040Fungal Wilt Disease Resistance and Phytochemical Variation in Wild Species of Chickpea (£75,471.00)
Natural Resources Institute - CERC
1993-11-01 - India, Pakistan, Syria
153046Darwin Scholars at the University of Strathclyde (£156,304.00)
1993-11-01 - International
163047Ethnobotany and the Sustainable Use of Plant Resources (£368,500.00)
1993-11-01 - Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe
173053Darwin Fellowships in Biosystematics (£305,243.00)
CABI International - Egham
1993-11-01 - International
183054Fungal Biodiversity Studies in the Ukraine (£83,147.00)
CABI International - Egham
1993-11-01 - Ukraine
193056Ghanaian Rheophytes Project (£58,662.00)
University of Aberdeen - St Machar
1993-11-01 - Ghana
203063Tree Regeneration, Vegetation Dynamics and the Maintenance of Biodiversity on Mount Cameroon: The Relative Impact of Natural and Human Disturbance (£137,682.00)
Bangor University
1993-11-01 - Cameroon
213064The Effect of an Invasive Tree Species on Biodiversity in Primary Montane Rainforests in Jamaica (£44,353.00)
Aberystwyth University
1993-11-01 - Jamaica
223067Field Collection, Molecular Characterisation and In Vitro Conservation of Porteresia Coarctata (£50,920.00)
SAC - Scottish Agricultural College
1993-11-01 - India
233077Sustainable Utilisation for Global, National and Community Benefit (£84,000.00)
University of Cambridge - Economics and Politics
1993-11-01 - International
243081Planning of Projects for Biodiversity Conservation (£43,800.00)
University of Bradford
1993-11-01 - International
253092To Strengthen Networks of Botanic Gardens in Developing Countries (£146,350.00)
BGCI - Botanic Gardens Conservation International
1993-11-01 - International
263095Computers in Terrestrial Ecology, Sango Bay, Uganda (£139,421.00)
CEH - Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Wallingford
1993-11-01 - Uganda
273099The Effect of Intervention Practices on the Biodiversity and Sustainability of Belezean Forests (£95,192.00)
NHM - Natural History Museum, Entomology
1993-11-01 - Belize
283101Development of Human Resources to Participate in the Costa Rica National Biological Inventory, to Inventory Parasitic Wasps (£46,500.00)
NHM - Natural History Museum, Entomology
1993-11-01 - Costa Rica
293108Genetic Resource Conservation of Onions in West Africa (£142,582.00)
Natural Resources Institute - Horticulture
1993-11-01 - Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Senegal
303110British Zoos and Conservation Overseas (£9,800.00)
Federation of Zoological Gardens of GB and Ireland
1993-11-01 - International
313137Biodiversity in Malaysian Mangrove Forest (£194,000.00)
Plymouth Marine Laboratory
1993-11-01 - Malaysia
323169Darwin African Research Fellowship (£34,700.00)
TBA Tropical Biology Association
1993-11-01 - Kenya