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110010A National Strategy for Sustainable Wildlife Use in the Commonwealth of Dominica (£99,761.00)
FFI - Fauna and Flora International
2001-08-01 - 2004-09-30Dominica
213032Addressing a threat to Caribbean amphibians: capacity building in Dominica (£204,834.00)
IoZ - Institute of Zoology
2005-04-01 - 2008-03-31Dominica
317025Building evidence and capacity to conserve Hispaniola's endemic land mammals (£223,341.00)
DWCT - Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust
2009-10-01 - 2012-11-30Dominican Republic
48144River invertebrate biodiversity and water quality in the Dominican Republic (£95,598.00)
Royal Holloway University of London
1999-09-01 - 2001-08-30Dominican Republic