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Congo dem rep

118014Ecosystem-wide forest conservation in DRC using okapi as a flagship (£299,028.00)
ZSL - Zoological Society of London
2010-04-01 - 2013-12-31Congo, Dem. Rep.
220009Delivering an MPA network for fisheries and biodiversity of Central Africa (Republic of Congo and Gabon) (£294,226.00)
University of Exeter- CEC
2013-04-01 - 2015-10-31Congo, Dem. Rep., Gabon
34104Biodiversity Management Training (£123,678.00)
DICE - Durrell Institute of Conservation & Ecology, DICE - Durrell Institute of Conservation & Ecology
1995-04-01 - 1998-12-31Congo, Dem. Rep., Madagascar, Tanzania
49020Development of a monitoring and training unit for the World Heritage Sites of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) (£132,100.00)
ZSL - Zoological Society of London
2001-01-01 - 2004-03-31Congo, Dem. Rep.
5DARSC174Reintroducing native edible caterpillars for biodiversity and food security, Kongo-Central, DRC (£4,940.00)
2017-04-01 - 2018-03-31Congo, Dem. Rep.
6EIDPS032Sydney Ndolo Ebika (£20,700.00)
RBGE - Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh
2013-07-01 - 2014-06-30Congo, Dem. Rep.