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Earthwatch europe

110005Conservation of the African penguin (Spheniscus Demersus) (£152,900.00)
Earthwatch Europe
2001-04-01 - 2004-03-31South Africa
24200Biodiversity Research Training for African Park Staff (£137,181.00)
Earthwatch Europe
1995-05-01 - South Africa
35187Capacity Building Through the Wildlife Society of Zimbabwe (£53,856.00)
Earthwatch Europe
1996-04-01 - Zimbabwe
46101Capacity Building Fellowships in Southern Africa (£119,427.00)
Earthwatch Europe
1997-05-01 - 2000-03-31Malawi, Namibia, Zambia
5EIDPR061Insect taxonomy capacity building in Kenya (£1,365.00)
Earthwatch Europe
2006-08-20 - 2006-08-28Kenya