darwin initative

Lead Institutions

Bangor university

110031Biodiversity conservation in ancient church and monastery yards in Ethiopia (£149,091.00)
Bangor University
2001-04-01 - 2004-03-31Ethiopia
212020Building Nicaraguan and Costa Rican capacity in biodiversity conservation (£173,661.00)
Bangor University
2003-08-01 - 2006-02-28Costa Rica, Nicaragua
317006Bushmeat hunting in Madagascar: linking science, policy and local livelihoods (£299,475.00)
Bangor University
2009-05-01 - 2012-05-31Madagascar
424009Landscape approach to enhance biodiversity and livelihoods in the Comoros (£410,842.00)
Bangor University
2017-04-01 - 2021-03-31Comoros
53063Tree Regeneration, Vegetation Dynamics and the Maintenance of Biodiversity on Mount Cameroon: The Relative Impact of Natural and Human Disturbance (£137,682.00)
Bangor University
1993-11-01 - Cameroon
66065Four Volume Field Guide to Herpetofauna of Mainland SE Asia (£33,000.00)
Bangor University
1997-06-01 - 2000-06-30Thailand
7DARSC176Reconciling protected areas and poverty alleviation in Madagascar (£3,460.00)
Bangor University
2017-04-01 - 2018-03-31Madagascar
8EIDPJ007In situ conservation of indigenous tree species in Southern Cameroon (£1,520.00)
Bangor University
2003-09-01 - 2003-09-09Cameroon
9EIDPR016Conflict resolution between people and carnivores outside reserves in Kenya (£2,110.00)
Bangor University
2004-09-27 - 2004-10-04Kenya
10EIDPR025Conservation of biodiversity in traditional West African vegetable species (£2,914.00)
Bangor University
2005-06-12 - 2005-06-22Benin, Mali
11EIDPR088Integrating local and scientific knowledge in conservation management in Nicaragua (£2,188.00)
Bangor University
- Nicaragua