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Moee seychelles

110006Propagation, nursery and establishment protocols for Seychelles endemic plants (£71,720.00)
Eden Foundation
2001-07-01 - 2003-01-31Seychelles
219002A cutting-EDGE approach to saving Seychelles' evolutionarily distinct biodiversity (£256,085.00)
DICE - Durrell Institute of Conservation & Ecology, University of Kent - DICE
2012-10-01 - 2015-09-30Seychelles
3EIDPO047NBSAPs 2.0: From Policy to Practice (£150,752.00)
2015-04-01 - 2017-06-30Botswana, Malawi, Namibia, Seychelles, Uganda, Zimbabwe
4EIDPR051Conserving the unique plant endemics of the Seychelles inselbergs (£2,222.00)
Imperial College
2006-08-14 - 2006-08-22Seychelles